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This is worth repeating: only when you are enabled in every relevant state and every relevant jurisdiction and capable of handling all relevant HIPAA transaction sets, will you be able to recruit providers to enroll in submitting and receiving electronic healthcare transactions.If you want to play in the healthcare world, you need to follow suit.8-7-17: Q&A: Eric *ERBG; earthquake ERBG; good afternoon TKPWAFPB; instruction STRUBGZ; instructions STRUBGSZ; what were WHARP; what they WHATD; what were they WHARPTD; what they were WHA*RPTD; yes or no KWREPB; very good SREG; I can't give KWRA*FG; I can't give you KWRA*FGS; Morgan PHAORPBG; series SAOERZ; series of SAOEFRZ; Petitioner's Exhibit PEUBT; do you recognize TKAO*URGZ; I recognize *EURGZ; go through TKPW-RTS; tell me TEPL; for example TPRAFRPL; the other THO*ER; what do you mean WHAO*UPL; account -BGT; accountant K-BGT; tax return TRURPB; first page TPEURPBLG; second page SPEPBLG; third page THEURPBLG; fourth page TPOURPBLG; federal TPERL; apartment PARPLT; 1040 #140*; across KRAOS; across the KRAOSZ.Lit: expedition SPEGS; Logan HRAO*PBG; along HRAOPBG; five minutes TPAO*EUFPLTS; five times TPAOEUFPLTS; consider K-R; considerable K-RBL; considerably K*RBL; threaten THREPBT; threatened THREPBTD; passage PAFPBLG; sedate STKAEUT; sedating STKAEUGT; rhino ROEUPB; sound like SOUPBL; soundly SOUPBLD; sounds like SOUPBLZ; it sounds like STOUPBLZ; I thought EULGT; excite KPAOEUT; excitement KPAOEUPLT; mirror PHAO*ER; costume KO*PLS; Disney STKPHAOE; fairness TPAEURPBS; organize ORG; organization ORGS; resident R-PBT; residents R-PBTS; gnome TPHOEPL; Nome TPHO*EPL; literal HREURLT; literally HR*EURLT.

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