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Whitfield met love of his life Vashti Whitfield while he was in London and the two began their love affairs since then.

Together they moved to Sydney, Australia and they got married in October 2001.

At a screening for Be Here Now last April, the documentary Spartacus: Blood and Sand star Andy Whitfield made in 2011 to chronicle his cancer battle before succumbing to the disease at the age of 39, his widow Vashti was on the verge of staying in the sadness of the images flashing before her and reliving those moments when she was struck by a new sensation."It's like somebody grabs you by the throat and squeezes so hard and it's so painful," Vashti tells WHO, "but then, within a split second, connecting with the whole audience and going back to thinking, 'Why am I here? "Carrying the loss or the grief doesn't serve me or anybody else, and now I have the capacity to be able to let that go.

'"When the answer came to her, that she wanted to share what she could as an individual, mother, friend and person and give back what she could to others who may be going through the same thing, "that catapults me back in the present," Vashti says.

I felt like it was a real gift to be able to give some value to other people because the value I got from it was extraordinary."Sam Maydew, who guided Andy Whitfield's acting career and was an executive producer of Be Here Now, says Vashti has already been a huge source of healing for others by appearing in the documentary.

"The heart and soul of this movie was the bond and love between Vashti and Andy and their kids," he says.

“Not only in what he was achieving within the world of our profession, but just in the way he lived his life.

In cinemas April 8 on the east coast and April 15 in LA. They’re amazing.” Courtney even let Whitfield’s daughter draft the tattoo on his arm.

If this was here, it was here for a reason, and if we had these amazing resources, Starz network behind us, the “Spartacus” crew, some amazing people and friends.

He said let’s make a story about this, let’s utilize the situation going on in our lives as an opportunity to give it purpose.

The actual Spartacus, like this fictional version, led a rebellion against the Romans (the Third Servile War).

While waiting for Whitfield's treatment and expected recovery, the network produced a six-part prequel, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, with only a brief uncredited voiceover from the actor.


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