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To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here.CHOOSE IT Coffee beans begin to lose flavor within minutes of grinding, so for maximum taste, buy them whole and grind just before brewing.Quality of Coffee In 2007, Consumer Reports ranked Starbucks’ coffee behind Mc Donald’s Premium Roast. Peet’s maintains a strict standard of freshness by hand-roasting every batch “to order” in its roasting facility in California (which is a LEED Gold certified facility).In Peet’s shops, coffee is served within 30 minutes of brewing to ensure freshness.There’s even a name for Peet lovers: they’re called “Peetniks.” For those of us who have never had Peet’s you may be wondering how it stacks up to Starbucks.Allow us to highlight a few key differences: Founding Starbuck’s was founded in 1971 in Seattle. If you really dig into the history books, you’ll find that the three Starbucks founders – Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, and Gordon Bowker – learned how to roast coffee beans from none other than Alfred Peet, the founder of Peet’s Coffee.When you need a break and a caffeine buzz, Peet’s Coffee & Tea provides an escape in the heart of campus with inviting seating and big windows.The location just inside the first floor doors makes it easy to grab a quick cold brew or linger over a latte.

I moved to Berkeley in 1972 and discovered Peet's on Walnut Square and fell in love with the coffee. My first cup of Peet's was in 1978, while I was an undergraduate at U. I have been drinking Peet's ever since, even having some ground Sumatra sent to me to use in a French Press coffee maker while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand. I had no idea, that the smell of coffee beans would be so overwhelming. Thanks for the great coffee, cheers I had my first cup of Peet's coffee with my Grandmother in Napa, CA, sometime around 2009.

Based in San Francisco, we fully embrace our city’s progressive food culture, and we bring the same artisanal values of local, fresh, organic, and quality product to each of our airport restaurants.

Our unique combination of authentic ingredients and professional counter service results in a relaxed, healthy and affordable dining experience.

She loved Peet's and would make a weekly run to North Berkeley to buy her Kona and later on Mocha Java. I was a lifer of thou shall not be named, 2-3x's a day 8years ago. That store, by the way, is now a Peet's coffee museum. My first Peet's was quite the eye opening experience. Thanks to Peet's, I now know there are very different qualities of coffee. While the coffee is exceptional, I would like to acknowledge the employees who work at the Davis E Street location.

I remember sitting at the bar with her and my first delicious cappuccinos and lattes. I treasure the time we had together, just the two of us. My husband drank Peets, I was oh no I don't drink PEETS, very defiant. I came to the USA in 1966--in Palo Alto(CA) actually. It is rare to see a group of employees who are so skilled and genuine in regards to the quality of customer service they provide.


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