Updating database in avg 8 5

Since May 12, I cannot update the Anti Virus and Anti Spyware database.There appears the following message: Access is forbidden by the server. Hi I use AVG version (running Windows XP as well) and it is working (I set a daily update and a daily complete system scan). Three months have elapsed since my free year expired. [Editado a las 2009-05-30 GMT]Dear AT, unluckily I don't know Nod Antivirus so I cannot tell you how it works, but I can recommend you Avira Anti Vir, you can download it following this link: This is the best free antivirus I ever tried and the basic version is totally free and easy to use.

Compaq Advisor provides relevant and timely information about: computer functionality, recommended enhancements for your computer, offers related to your computing interests. Ct is a part of Creative Technology Disc Detector software. Ctsvccda is installed with Creative sound cards software. Ctsvccda is teh system service for Windows NT4/2000/XP. is related to audio devices such as sound cards and provides additional support for these devices. If you do not have any 3ds Max plug-ins installed on your system, then you do not need it. Watson is a diagnostic tool that gathers information about your computer when a problem occurs with a program. This process protects computers from viruses, worms, trojans and other malware. Sometimes this process causes the problems with network connections.Thanks again Alan for saving me a lot of time and trouble.I have been using this program for years now and havent seen anything bad about it, except dat sometimes updates dont want to download, but its easy to use it than other anti-viruses which are way more complicated to use and to find updates, I recommend AVG to every person with a PC @ home or schools too. But the problem is that I have not internet connection on my own PC. If there is any well website to download this for free.In February 2009, I downloaded a free version of AVG 8.0.238. Easy Synchronization allows you to easily synchronize your Bluetooth devices with your PC, by means of the dedicated key on my Logitech keyboard. EXE/3000 is a context menu items 'Export in Microsoft Excel'. Compaq Advisor is a service for Compaq Presario PC. Take a look: Suggest to update Sound Blaster driver if you do have problems with CPU overload. Ctsvccda is teh system service for Windows NT4/2000/XP. It is NOT a virus or Trojan and is in no way installed to be malicious. is the on-access antivirus component of Authentium's Command Antivirus as well as various other security suites, including Comcast Security Manager, Cox High Speed Internet Security Software, Freedom, and others. Purpose by HP: "This process has one purpose - detects if the device moves to a different port, and notifies other processes to look on the new port." For various HP all-in-one printer/scanner/copier devices.


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