Dating in greek culture

The links with the East are still strong and the effect of Byzantine Greece can be seen today in the Greek Orthodox religion, and modern Greek Music.

Music: The Ancient elements of Greek music can be found in the music of the Greeks of the Black sea (Pontos), in the ancient sound of the goat skin bagpipes (Tsampounes) on many Greek islands , in the sounds of the flute of the Greek shepherds in northern Greece and in the sounds of the Cretan Lyra in Crete.

From these things sprung the renowned Greek philosophy, democracy the arts and sciences that is to be read in any major publication about ancient Greece."The fact that nobody has ever explored the hill before is a mystery." The team, which also includes researchers from the Ephorate of Antiquities of Karditsa, found the remains of towers, walls and city gates on the summit and slopes of the hill.They hope to avoid excavation and use methods such as ground-penetrating radar instead, which will allow them to leave the site in the same condition as when they found it.Greek tragedy as we know it was created in Athens around the time of 532 BC, when Thespis was the earliest recorded actor.Civilisation: The location of Greece on the crossroads of 3 continents has had a dramatic effect on the Greek civilisation and culture.This was followed by the period of Classical Greece, an era that began with the Greco-Persian Wars, lasting from the 5th to 4th centuries BC.


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