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In some states, the reduction may not exceed a fixed percentage of the damages.All 50 states and the District of Columbia have child safety seat laws.

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In other jurisdictions, police must have some other reason to stop a vehicle before citing an occupant for failing to buckle up.

In 2009, over 20 states proposed legislation that would require drug testing as a condition of eligibility for public assistance programs. None of these proposals became law because most of the legislation was focused on “suspicionless” or “random” drug testing, which is at odds with a 2003 Michigan Court of Appeals case. Howard ruled that subjecting every welfare applicant in Michigan to a drug test without reason to believe that drugs were being used, was unconstitutional.

The proposals gained momentum beginning in the 2011 session.

Child safety seat laws require children to travel in approved child restraints or booster seats and some permit or require older children to use adult safety belts.

The age at which belts can be used instead of child safety seats differs among the states.


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