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In Director Jennifer Shepard's office, NCIS Special Agent Anthony Di Nozzo is busy examining a family photo with young Jenny in it.

Grinning, Di Nozzo then turns and continues exploring some more, passing the door which is still open.

And, to forcefully demonstrate my disgust with your sadistic enterprise, my mother and I have devised a sort of boycott: We are each pledging to vote only 10 times in the final round!

I hate to be this harsh, this punitive, but there are times when you must make your voice heard.

It's actually quite cruel, like throwing an injured lamb in a cage with a hungry tiger.

Collins, 41, didn’t suffer any serious injuries, he Tweeted Saturday night.On a small road, two cars, a Honda Civic and a Volkswagen are driving alongside each other. In the Volkswagen, one girl, Jennifer Murphy remarks to her friend, Nikki Crawshaw that the guy in the SUV is totally checking her out. As Nikki scribbles down something, the Honda speeds up and passes the Volkswagen. Nikki looks over and smiles with the Honda's driver waving.Twitter users retweeted the update more than 13,000 times and favorited it over 24,000 times in less than five hours. ,” Collins, who plays Castiel the angel on the show, wrote on Twitter.The hashtag “#We Love You Misha” began going viral earlier in the day when another actor from the show and an organizer of the “Minn Con” event said Collins had been assaulted, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported. “Just want u to know I've just got some minor scrapes. Love u guys.” Jim Beaver, a fellow star from the horror series about a pair of brothers who hunt evil supernatural beings, had written about the incident in a Facebook post that was later deleted, according to E! "My buddy and Supernatural colleague Misha Collins was followed out of a restaurant in Minneapolis by three men last night and beaten and robbed," Beaver wrote.Jensen then starts to stroke her head and shoulders. Eventually Jared and Misha come out and start doing the same thing.


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